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    ColdFusion 7.0.2 VS Flex 2


      I am new to Flex and I am starting to adapt some of my previous ColdFusion Projects to Flex Technology. I am a bit confuse about the Application and Session Scope Variables in ColdFusion. Normally, if we are only using ColdFusion, we can use those variables (ex.: Application.WebMasterEmail or Session.UserID) in any page. Now that the page output is control by Flex, how to have access "easilly" to those variables? Do we have to use RPC all the time? I can see that we can create Remote Function in ColdFusion CFC to return the variable needed but I was guessing that it might be possible to have access directly with ActionScript 3.0 on a Flex Page... Maybe?

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          After few experiences, I finally found that it is possible to call the SWF - and more than one on the same page - on a CFM page directly. This means that the variables contains in Application and Session scope are completely accessible through the CFM page itself and can - dynamically - calls the right SWF.

          For an example; if I want to show the SWF corresponding to the french language (assuming that the user click the French Language Option at some point), I can have a session variable that contains the language to navigate and calls the SWF in french.

          We still have a lot of question concerning Flex technology in order to develop as we used to develop before but, so far so good!!!