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    Document Question

    jrvh924 Level 1

      Thanks for reading.  I am creating a form that is using a Mousein and Mouseout script.  My idea is that when I hover over a specified spot on a map, I am using a button without any fill color, border color or text, have text appear showing the name of that location.  I currently have the javascript as subform.presence = "visible" (for when I am entering the button) and subform.presence = "hidden" (when I am exiting the button).   This part works fine if I save after editing the script, but when I try to add another section on the same page where I have a closer view of a building with a similar button idea over specific doors, it does not work.  If I save the document after editing the javascipt, it works, but does not work in the part above.  I would also like to have buttons to show each side of the building, north, south, east, and west.  Then as I click on each button, the view comes into play and the previous one goes away, but the presence script I am using:

      if (this.parent.subform.presence == "hidden") {

      this.parent.subform.presence = "visible";



      else {

      (this.parent.subform.presence = "visible")



      First off, does this all make sense?  Second, does anyone have an idea on how to make this work?  I would attach the form to this, but I have no idea how. 


      Thanks for reading.