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    How do I fix link rollover color change problem?


      I'm using Dreamweaver 8.  Have very very elementary knowledge about web design compared to you all, but have created three other simple websites  that work properly.  I have a new site that is about ready to go.  I piggybacked it (not proper term) on to an existing site to be able to test how the pages work online in Chrome, before I get its own domain name.  http://www.keepstonefarm.com/homeindex.html   It just has five simple pages.  I built it using tables.  I didn't use a true navigation bar, just plain links to get back and forth among the pages.  Trouble is that live, the link hover color doesn't change on two pages, the homeindex and why raise heritage anything pages, but works fine on the other three pages.  I've looked at the code until I'm blue in the face trying to see an error, but don't see anything different.  I believe there is no clash with CSS either.    The hover color changes in preveiw, but not live.   I couldn't figure out how to copy the code here, so hope you can see it from the website.  What am I doing wrong?