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    Putting it on the Stage and Taking it off

    HarleySoftailer Level 1

      OK - Here's a stupid question to start your Monday...


      I want certain elements to appear on the stage at times other than 0.00 seconds and I want other items to be removed from the stage at other points on the timeline. 


      By way of an example, I want a red box to appear on the stage for the first full second (0.00 - 1.00), then I want a blue circle to appear on the timeline for the next second.  I don't want to put both elements on the stage at the 0.00 mark and then animate them with transparency or movement so they don't appear on the stage, I want one item on the stage at each time with the red box being gone (not hidden) as soon as the red circle appears at 1.01 second mark. 


      How do I begin and end an element's existence on the timeline at points other than 0.00?


      When I move the play head to 1.01 and pin it and keyframe it, and then place the circle, it still appears starting at 0.00.  And I can't seem to make elements disappear without fading them out or moving them off stage (which is making things very crowded).


      Any and all help is appreciated.  I know how do do this in Flash, but it seems to be a different beast in Edge Animate.