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    Interactive Mood Board - Link Content?


      I've been searching for a solution to this since last night and I'm completely stumped.


      I'm creating a multi-page interactive mood board in Indesign for a class project, which we will later use as a guide/inspiration for setting up our online portfolio.


      Page 2 will be used for choosing a background. It has buttons and a multi-object state, so when you click on one of the buttons, it changes the background of the current page. What I'm trying to do is somehow link those backgrounds to the next few pages so that whatever background you choose on page 2, also chooses it for page 3 and on. I'd then like to do this for the rest of the elements as well like the logo and font. My intention is that as you click through each page and choose an element you like, you end up on the last page of the mood board with a compliation of all the elements you've choosen.


      Is something like this possible or am I on a completely wild goose chase? Any help is most appreaciated! Thank you very much!