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    gia stanou

      hi my pc crashed adn when i downloaded to another computer adobe digital adn authorised it with my id I tried to donwload my ebooks from my internet bookstore and there was a message that  is unable to download and "error getting Licence" licence server communication problem etc"... I contacted the bookstore owner and uploaded again the ebooks but when I tried to doNwload them again the same message. I used aNother pc that I did not authorise with my id but just authorised it without password and the same happened. What can I do? What is wrong? ThANKS

          Dominic Michael Adobe Employee

          Authorizing without an ID

          If you choose to authorize without an ID, ADE will enable reading of the book only on your computer. You will not be able to read it on other eReader devices or other computers (or the same computer if you re-install). If you don’t plan on moving your books to other computers (or re-installing), this approach will work for you.


          When you authorize without an ID warning message will be thrown saying