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    JavaScript Preload And Fireworks 8


      In Fireworks MX under the Export options I selected Generic HTML to generate JavaScript in the body area of the generated HTML to preload images instead of having Fireworks MX generate HTML to execute the OnLoad function from the <body> tag (which occured when I selected Dreamweaver HTML). I use SSI and ASP.NET user controls where there is no <body> tag. The SSI and controls contain HTML (and in the case of ASP.NET, may contain code-behind) which represent HTML generated by Fireworks.

      Is there a way to have Fireworks 8 generate JavaScript to pre-load images instead of generating the OnLoad atribute of the <body> tag? (This is of more concern for me when there is more than one SSI or user control which has HTML for rollovers.)

      Much thanks ... David Bach