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    Question about Digital Publishing. (website format?)


      Hi all,


      I am making a report for my school, which I am making in Adobe Indesign.

      The format is Digital publishing. I know what digital publishing is used for (ipad, iphones ect)

      But I was wondering, can it some how be uploaded on the internet or mabye via a website that can host it.

      My indesign file is a bit bigger then a size of a normal ipad (1024 x 768 px).

      Can you some how do this and make some sort of online link?


      Or something like that is not possable with indesign and I just gotta upload it into my folio builder and make my teachers read it/watch it on a ipad via my adobe content viewer account?


      Mabye other suggestions from the experience people? Since I want to keep working in Indesign <_<


      Greetz from Holland.