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    Embedding FLV

    wycks Level 1



      I'm trying to embed a FLV file into an SWF in Flash CC.  In Flash CS5 I could just have the SWF call the FLV I'm trying to put into an SWF file by typing in the filename of the FLV that was in the same folder as the SWF I would create and it would all show up when I put the file online.  I have done a Control-Enter to preview the file in Flash CC and it looks fine but when I put it online it never shows up.  Is there something that has changed in Flash CC and/or am I missing a step here are or there?  Does something need to be changed in the publish settings?  I'm relatively new to Flash so I'm thinking this should be an easy thing to do but I might not know I'm missing some steps in this process.


      Also, I'm using a small actionscript code to make the FLV loop itself over and over in the SWF--don't know if that matters or not.