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    InDesign CC Server - ESTK Cannot Interact


      I'm running Windows Server 2008R2 (64-bit) and I'm having a huge issue getting scripts to run from ESTK to InDesign CC Server. I've got InDesign CC (Desktop) installed as well. Both versions are fully updated as of today. Can you please help me fix this? When I try to run a script using ESTK targeting InDesing CC Server from the same computer, it sits there with a message box saying "Waiting; press ESC to abort..." It appears that it's not able to communicate with the process (InDesignServer.com, which is running at the time) at all, and I'd love a little help debugging this.



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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It sounds like this would be answered better in the InDesign Server Developers forum here:


          InDesign Server Developers

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            cculver Level 1



            I agree with you on the premise that the actual product I'm talking about is InDesign Server, not Desktop, but I will respectively disagree with you that the best place to pose my question is in the InDesign Server forum for the following reasons:

            1) The problem I'm experiencing is with the bridge between the ESTK and InDesign Server; this same bridge is used when scripting InDesign desktop, Photoshop, and the other applications supported by the ESTK.

            2) The InDesign Server forum gets no traffic. If you take a look in that forum (I've posted there twice now), the average response time is months, if at all. I know of no people on the InDesign Server team that frequent the boards and this makes it next to impossible to get any support on the product in a trial.

            3) The trial is a catch-22. I have a technical problem with my 90-day trial that prevents me from using the product. So naturally I contact chat support. The representative there informed me that because this problem involves the ESTK, I have to turn to the forums; there are no chat engineers that know anything about it. He suggested I post to the InDesign Server section as well, which led me to explain my second point above - I will never get support there.

            So I contact phone support tonight. They inform me that if I want any help with InDesign Server, I have to talk to the InDesign Server team. However, they won't talk to me (he explained that he won't forward me to the department that has no inbound phone number) unless I've got an active, paid license for InDesign Server.


            I understand the need to keep things relevant, but Adobe's flat out refusal to provide support for 1) a trial and 2) a paid-for product (ESTK, in that I have a full CC license) is really irking me. I believe my question can be debugged by someone familiar with the bridging between InDesign and the ESTK. If you're out there, please help!

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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              And you realize that we're all InDesign users, only very rarely Adobe staff. And almost none of us are using InDesign Server or have any idea what you're dealing with. (Just trying to set your expectations here.)

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)



                You'll be hardpressed to find anyone here who knows anyting at all about ID server, and I underaatnd your point about the dedicated server forum. I'd suggest, instead that you post over in the scripting forum: InDesign Scripting


                If anyone is going to kow the ESTK and ID server, you'll find them there.

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                  cculver Level 1

                  That is helpful. I will do just that. I couldn't find the scripting forum. Thank you both.