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    Blue Ray Brenner wird nicht erkannt



      ich würde mir gern Adobe Premiere Elements kaufen. Habe zurzeit die Testversion laufen. Damit gibt es aber ein gravierendes Problem, weshalb ich mich auch noch nicht zum Kauf des Programms durchgerungen habe. Adobe Elements erkennt meinen Blue Ray Brenner LG BP40NS20 nicht. Gibt es dafür eine Lösung?





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          There have been several reports recently of some version of Premiere Elements not recognizing a Blu-ray burner. I am going to start compiling a list to determine if there is a pattern to these reports.


          It is very frustrating troubleshooting in this situation. Some times an uninstall/ccleaner run through (regular cleaner and registry cleaner parts), reinistall with antivirus and firewalls turned off is the answer. Some times not. Have you gone over your computer noting any other software that might be a candidate for causing this conflict?


          Do you have an USB Blu-ray external burner that you can cross check with?


          Right now the uninstall, ccleaner, reinstall seems the most likely first step if you have not done that already.


          More later.