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    Please advise. Should my company invest in the new mac pro for editing premiere?




      I own a video production firm, i know cameras/production but i'm lacking knowledge in the computer department.


      I need help determining weather it makes since to invest in mac pros, over iMacs... We edit everything in Adobe CC.


      I do more production than editing... but i shoot mostly with the Sony F5 using huge data rates and i need to be able to handle that footage with ease.


      I was thinking about going 6-core w/ 2 AMD d700s, 32gb RAM, 512gb drive.


      BUT.. i keep hearing that i wont see any benefits in premeire pro versus what i'd recieve with the top of the line iMac. But i find it hard to believe.


      I know that premeire takes advantage of the dual GPU on export only... do you think it will use it for rendering in the near future? I've also heard that there isnt really a tangaible advantage in going d700s over d300s... ???


      I've also heard that AMD sucks compared to NVIDIA... But i'm a Mac user.. and i'd prefer to stay a Mac user, so im not sure what choice i have unless i go hackintosh, which i have no idea how to do (like i said, not a computer guy)


      Is 6 cores good? Is 32 gb of RAM enough? (ive heard thats the most adobe can take advantage of).


      Are the AMD cards going to work well with adobe? (yes, i know they are listed for open CL support.. but that doesnt mean they are good)


      I'm a believer in future proofing, so while i realize that some of the mac pro functionality isnt currently being utilized by adobe.. im wondering if i should expect it to be in the future. I've also heard that the GPU in the new mac pro acutally is interchangable.


      This is a huge investment., and i'm a small business.. and I would really appreciate some thoughtful responses.


      Thank you so much