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    Good cheap laptop for light editing during travel?


      Hello fellows,


      I am traveling to the Philippines and need a good cheap (under 800) laptop for my travels.


      I know that cheap laptop and editing is basically an oxymoron but let's look at what I need to do here...


      Since I will be traveling I will not have access to my powerful desktop at home which I do most of my editing. However, most of the editing I will be doing during my travels will be short 3-10 minute videos for YouTube and my Blog. I have a large scale project I am working on as well but I will not be editing and or rendering that until I am back home.


      Basically I just need something that is adequate for light editing and can also fit my budget, as the equipment I have listed below already cost an arm and a leg.


      It also has to be suited to travel. I plan on traveling all around SE Asia with it. This area is tropical and very sunny when it's not raining... I don't usually enjoy Matte screens but perhaps it will be better than a glossy in such an area? I am not sure.


      I will be capturing my footage mostly at 1080p at varying frames per second using the following devices.


      1x Sony HDR-PJ260V

      1x GoPro Hero3+ Silver


      For Audio I am using...


      1x H4N Field Recorder

      1x H1 Field Recorder

      2x AT803 Lavs

      1x OST-801 Lav


      Since I will obtaining so much footage and audio having amble space is a big need of mine. I will be frequently or at the very least when its an option transferring the video to external hard drives for back up to send back home. That way the footage for my bigger project is waiting for me next to my desktop when I get back home.


      Other uses for the laptop include light gaming (point and click adventure games) nothing too graphic heavy. I think the heaviest game I played on my old laptop was SWTOR and it slugged along. Internet connection is horrendous in SE Asia so I don't think I will be playing that one.


      Other than that it will be used for Facebook, writing my book, and talking to family and friends on Skype.


      Size? I might need recommendations here? Again keep in mind I will be backpacking around SE Asia.


      Will look at used computers if I have to, but prefer new and under warranty.


      Will be using Adobe products for editing. Thank you!


      Cooling might Be an issue too, the philippines is very hot!