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    Find/Change problems within a nested style?


      I have a problem with Find/Change (in both CS4 and CS5) not recognizing text within its “find” parameters when text that fits those parameters is part of a nested style. I want to find any instance of italic in the text, regardless of what paragraph or character style it is, but F/C only intermittently finds italics, both within and without that text existing in a nested style. Has anyone come across this issue?

      There is NOTHING different about the text that is recognized by F/C–or not recognized–that shows up in any of the panels or palettes. There are no font conflicts. I’ve replaced prefs and saved data files. If I go into the character palette and change the italic portion of the nested style to “italic” character style (it shows up in character palette as [none], even though it has a nested style), then F/C finds it for sure; but if I don’t do that, then F/C will sometimes find it, and sometimes not, and sometimes in one instance and not in another! There is no hidden formatting that shows up in story editor. I remade another nested para style with the same formatting but with varying results! Help… I’ve tried everything.