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      Why does ID6 start to crash in a very long document (1,000 pages)?

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          Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What version of ID and what OS? Sounds like it might be related to RAM. Have you done a Save As and overwritten the file recently. This can remove extraneous junk left in the file and reduce the file size.

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            Which version? ID CS6, version 8 or ID CS4, version 6?

            Which update version (dot version)?

            Which OS?

            What is the content of the file?

            Some more information is needed.

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              copyitltd@att.net Level 1

              Using CS6 8.0.2. Windows 7. Yes I have done a Save As many times.


              This book has 319 links (graphics), an Index, footnotes, and TOC. I ran it as a continuous string. It was imported from Word 2010. Had a long job undoing Word commands. The size of the file is 71,252 KB.


              Had the whole book finished. Then the author decided to make changes. As I was adding, subtracting and changing the file started to crash. Not only that but 6 days ago ID automatically updated.


              Took out about 100 fonts from the font folder. Cleaned the computer. Backed up everything. Defraged, etc. Checked for virus.


              Should I have split the book into chapters or sections? Wasn't sure because I am from Pagemaker and have many times done both. Wasn't sure that ID could put chapters an index, etc. all together the right way.


              Would appreciate any help.