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    Wobbly image

    karunatanahashi Level 1

      I'm having a problem with my shots looking like they are wobbling. Sometimes it looks like interlacing, though my videos and render format were all in progressive. Sometimes, it looks like heat waves. The raw videos don't have this quality so I'm pretty sure it's something in the render.


      I'm working on Adobe Premiere Pro CS6; rendering to MPEG-2; creating my DVD in Encore. My main problem shots are from a Panasonic GH2. The shots I took on my Samsung MV900F have this issue as well. I've tried it in a couple of different frame rates, and that doesn't seem to make too big a difference.


      Another discussion had recommended unchecking the "Frame Blend" option, as well as de-interlacing, each individual clip. I did this, but the problem still persisted in a couple of shots. Any thoughts?