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    Messy Accounting


      I have recently let go of our accountant, and am now left to figure out where issues are in our accounting. Adobe is surely one. Here's my issues:


      1. FormCentral: We have two email addresses attached to a Plus & 2 basic accounts. Now, obviously we only need the one Plus account since that comes with unlimited forms. When I login to the account that has both a Plus & Basic, I can't tell which forms are associated with which forms. How do I do this? Also, is there a way to migrate froms from the Basic account to the Plus. as well as the Basic account under the other email to the Basic account?
      2. When I purchased Photoshop it didn't come with the cloud icon on my system bar at the top of my Mac screen, but I noticed on a friend's computer that it did. He also pays for a whole suite, only double what I pay just for PS. I can't figure out how to switch over. How do I?


      Thanks in advance.


      - Jamie

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          Can you email me at jcorey@adobe.com with the two email addresses you are referring to?  You should not be able to have two subscriptions on one email address (although anything can happen).  We'll see what we see attached to each.  Why do you think that you have both a Basic and a Plus subscription on the same Email?


          I can't answer anything about what happens when you log into account that has both since that is not a situation anyone should see... 


          This FAQ describes how to copy forms from one account to another:



          For your Photoshop question we'd need more information but also would not be the team to assist with that issue.  I would recommend that you post that inquiry in the Photoshop or Creative Cloud forums.