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    problem authorizing ADE 1.7


      So I got a new nook glo and needed to upgrade the older ADE that I had.  I uninstalled it, Installed ADE 3.0 and couldn't auth the computer - was getting an error.  I followed the instruction for that error ctr-shift D to unauth and regedit to remove ADEPT key ( scary but did it).  Still no go.  I downloaded 1.7 and and tried to auth the cmputer with that and get E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED http://adeactivate.adobe.com/adept/Activate 2014-01-27T16:11:51-08:00%20(1390867911000)%20is%20before%202014-01-27T16:53:22-08:00%20( 1390870402330).

      What to do?   Please help as I so need to be able to get library books on my nook!