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    Inconsistent reading of 3 of 9 barcode from printed label.


      I am filling a .pdf form from a aspx web page using iTextSharp. I created the .pdf using LiveCycle. The form contains a code 3 of 9 barcode that can be anywhere from 6 to 22 digits. The .pdf gets printed to a 4x6 label. The users are reporting that sometimes their scanner will read the barcode and sometimes it will not. The only difference I can see between barcodes is the length.


      The barcode is 2.8 inch long. I have the data length set to 22(it can be 6-22 digits long), checksum is auto, and ratio is 2.2. It's a read only field and default is 0. Are these setting incorrect? I have tried different length, defaults, etc but no luck. Does adobe have some best practices for 3 of 9 bar codes?


      Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.