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    Help Integrating Headroom.JS into Edge Animate 3.0 Composition

    Telulu Andy



      I was really excited about the 3.0 release of Edge Animate because of the more streamlined integration of javascript into compositions, however, not being adept in coding, I really must be missing something with its implementation because I cannot get anything to work through javascript functions. 


      Currently, I am trying to integrate Headroom.JS into a composition that is merely a symbol-converted animated banner that has the function of changing opacity upon mouseEnter and mouseLeave.  I would like for the banner to also include the Headroom funciton of disappearing when the user scrolls down the page and reappearing when the user scrolls up. 


      I have titled the symbol "header," stretched the stage out (to test the scrolling capability) and loaded the appropriate JS files into the EA workstation, yet no matter how or in what manner I call the $("header").headroom() script, it will not demonstrate the Headroom functionality.


      The following are link to the headroom.js



      I feel that if someone can show me how to implement these types of functions, I will be able to replicate it in other compositions without need for assistance.  (Such as with a MegaMenu.js or SlipHover.js that I also wish to be able to easily use!)



      Sincere thanks for any help!