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    ADE and Kobo Touch not allowing me to view my Public Library downloads.

    k Cat

      I have a DRM issue with both ADE 2.x and 3,x and my Kobo Touch.


      My Kobo is Activated on the same account as my laptop, but when I check a book out on my Public Library I cant view it on my Kobo Touch.  I can read it in a Browser mode and the download mode on my laptop.  When I copy it to my Kobo with the drop down selection in ADE it can't be viewed on the Kobo.  The Cover Page Graphic is hidden under a black box (obvious DRM coverup).  When I click the book (black box), I can quickly see the cover jacket and then the black box comes back with a nag "Ooops! This document couldn't be opened".


      I've tried 'de-activating' the Kobo and re activating again.  I've tried various versions of ADE, (someone on another forum said version 1.7.2 is the answer, but I can no longer find a link the that version).


      Do I need to do a 'clean' reinstall of ADE by using something like CC Cleaner to totally remove the Reg settings of the present ADE?


      Do I need to re-activate my account with a new key from Adobe?  If so how do I do that, nothing in my account allows me to re-generate the DRM keys.


      Please help.

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          k Cat Level 1

          I'm replying to my own thread because I don't think I'm going to get any useful answer here.  I searched the net and basically what I found is best summed up by this guy's comments:


          "Adobe either has no clue about the eBook market, or they’re trying to sabotage it with a platform so ******, so mind-bogglingly difficult for even tech-savvy consumers, that no one will ever want to read an eBook ever again.That’s right, sometimes you have a product so bad, that it doesn’t just leave a bad taste in your mouth, it actually does harm to the industry. And that’s what we have with Adobe."


          ADE is a pile of steaming XXXX.