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    200 names


      I have to create 200 copies of a book, each with a diffrent name on it. I have a list of the names and i am trying to make it a simple copy and than paste in a dialoge box, than it saves with the...




      so it even renames it and saves it for me according to what i have but in the.


      var NameField = prompt("enter name");


      well i'm a noob, I'm assumeing it would go somthing like that, i just want to make it clear i'm not asking anyone to script for me i'm asking if one is already in exsistance. You can imagine this is hard to search for.



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          Silly-V Adobe Community Professional

          I don't think you need to search for that, your desired feature is the Data Merge of Indesign.  If you have indesign you can do all the names and save them as whichever format you want!

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            W_J_T Level 4

            Welcome to the forum,


            What type of printing are you doing, digital? If so, most modern printers / publishers (worth a grain of salt) can handle variable printing and data merge on their end, directly on the digital presses, etc.


            Also does this question relate to the one you posted previously in the InDesign forum, seems like a different requirement now here.