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    My Kuler in Indesign




      In illustrator the kuler panel shows the stuff I have created on the kuler website.




      In indeisgn the kuler panel shows stuff random people have created, but not my stuff.


      Not excellent.


      How can I see my stuff in indesign Kuler, and why does Adobe have such a schizophrenic attitude towards its apps? Do the developers not occasionaly have a sit down together to make sure their stories are straight?

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Well it automatically shows "Highest Rated"


          But you can click that and choose Custom.


          Type in your name that you use on Kuler.


          Or the name of the Theme.


          There's also a search function in the Kuler Panel.

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            garethsnaim Level 1

            This will only work for public stuff, my stuff is private.


            The only way I can see to do it with CC, is to open illustrator, where sure enough all my kuler themes are then create boxes and fill each with the indivdual colors, then copy and paste into indesign.


            Even exporting as ASE seems to export the entire Swatch library of a given illustrator file.


            The only other option being to download from the kuler site and import into indesign.


            WOuld be nice if they had a joine dup approach to this though, i.e. I am signed into CC therefore would probably like to see my kuler content displayed under the same name, which is so far as I can tell exactly how it is done in illustrator.

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              jacquilynw Level 2

              I have this same problem. I can see my private themes in PS, why not ID too?

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                Digital Dude 1

                Im wondering the same thing too.  When is the Indesign CC 2014 Kuler panel going to be able to display "My Themes"?