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    Osmf - Plugin

    boopathi savithree

      I am new to OSMF. I need create a plugin which has some modification in bitrate. This is separate class. How to make it as a plugin. Can any one suggest which way proxy/reference I have to choose and guide me? I tried http://osmf.org/dev/osmf/OtherPDFs/osmf_plugin_dev_guide.pdf for example.(3. Building a Plug-in ) This is not restricting http. I dont know how to  convert from a class to plugin. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

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          boopathi savithree Level 1

          override HTTPStreamingNetLoader and implement this,


          override public function canHandleResource(resource:MediaResourceBase):Boolean


                                        if (resource !== null && resource is DynamicStreamingResource)


                                                  var dynResource:String = (resource as DynamicStreamingResource).host;

                                                  var myPattern:RegExp = /(\w*)domainname/ig;  


                                                  if(myPattern.exec(PluginUtils.retrieveHostNameFromUrl(dynResource))) return true;




                                        return false;