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    error "Failed to Export PDF" with big image on CS6 (32) and CC (64)

    d chan Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I'm on indesign CS6 (v8.0.2) and when I try to export pdf with a very big image ( *.tiff, 25000*35000 pixels, ) , the action failed with this message :" Failed to export a PDF".


      To be sure that there is no any corrupted elements, I made a very simple layout (one page , and just one element for my image,I turnoff prefilgth and all  ressource intensive options, and export with no downsampling or resampling) and try to export with different size image:with 20000*30000 -or smaller -image the export works, always failed with image .The export failed to in scripting mode.


      If I diveded my image in four , the export works but this solution is not convenient (I actually made tests for a fully automatised process, and we want to be sure that the indesign  component is  enough "safe")



      I try the same action with an evaluation version of indesign CC 64 bits (v9.2) and have the same behavior.


      I can imagine that there is a memory issue there, but my config seems to be strong ( windows server 64 with  16GB ram, DD with more than 100GB free). I don't undersant why-in a "full" 64 bit environnement- it is not possible to manipulate and export very large image ?


      I'm wonder If the background task is a part of the problem, and if it 's possible to disable it in CS6 or CC as in cs5 ( creates an  “DisableAsyncExports.txt” file in  Adobe InDesign executable directoty don't seems to disable it  in CC or CS6).


      Thank you for your help and good ideas..