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    Cannot read out loud special characters when text is french


      Hi everyone,


      First of all, I hope my english is on par for your understanding. I speak french as first language and we use the French installation of our Adobe products.


      Working in the IT department, our clients working in the communications department currently use Acrobat pro X on Mac 10.8 to make accessible PDFs. Before I reinstalled their iMacs with a fresh copy of 10.8, they were working on OSX 10.6, also with Acrobat Pro X. They didn't have the following issue.


      Since the fresh 10.8 install, they cannot use the read out loud function properly. As you may know, with french language comes the use of special characters. Lots of them. But Acrobat will not read out loud any sentence or paragraph having special characters like " é, à, ù, è" and such.


      I first contacted Adobe, a few weeks ago, through their Live chat function, about this problem. They addressed the issue by stating that they do not support Acrobat X on 10.8. I had to reinstall Acrobat using version XI in order to receive support. Fortunately, I was able to download the correct version and use it in trial mode. Unfortunatly though, I still had the same issue. It seems that I no longer have access to Live chat, so I turn to you all for help.


      Also, I have a French voice pack in OSX and when I use the Voiceover function in OSX, outside of Acrobat, the system reads out loud any accents or special characters like it should. This is mainly why I associated the issue with Acrobat and not OSX.


      If you need clarifications, ask away and I will get back as soon as possible.


      Thank you for your time.