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    CS5 - Need to reset the font list

    rosenh Level 1

      I tried deactivating all my fonts in suitcase, I even tried turning suitcase off and restarting InDesign.


      I don't have these fonts in my system folder or anywhere else I can see -- it just keeps showing all the fonts that I've ever opened... ie, the list is huge. 

      ID has been really lagging lately, and I think it might be something about Suitcase (Fusion 3, as updated as it goes). 


      But there must be a way to just reset that font list!

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It sounds like you need to go to the Suitcase website and look for a help file, FAQ or forum to ask this question.

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            rosenh Level 1

            I've asked the question over at Extensis...


            But the list is there in InDesign, even if Suitcase is not running at all.  Where is that list coming from then?


            I also discovered that the same thing is happening in Photoshop and Illustrator... the same list of fonts showing up even though none of those fonts are activated in Suitcase.   They are not in any system font folder, or other unexpected folder, that I can find.

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              rosenh Level 1

              Ah!  My business partner actually found the solution!


              On the hard drive (not in the User) there is a folder called Library.


              In that folder is a folder called Fonts.  This seems to be a place that Adobe looks at for fonts.


              I deleted the fonts from that folder (you could just put those fonts into another folder if you want to make sure you're not tossing an original) and those fonts are now gone from the font menu!


              However, there are still some fonts there... so there must be another font folder somewhere...  going searching now...

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                Joel Cherney Level 5

                Well, if you have a Library, you must be using a Mac. There's an unfortunate number of places for you to look:


                /Users/<your user>/Library/Fonts/   



                /Library/Application Support/<name of vendor>/Fonts   


                Those last two are unlikely locations. However, there's another group of folders where you should look. We don't know what version of ID you're using, but every install of ID has a folder called "Fonts" in the InDesign folder in the Applications folder, and the fonts in that folder are only available to that installation of ID. On top of that, I suspect that you already know that the fonts in your Document Fonts folder located next to your InDesign file will load up when you open that InDesign file.