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    CFGRID and datatype decimal, NULL not maintained.

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      I'll try to make it simple, but ask any questions if I need to explain further.


      I have a situation where fields in the database are datatype decimal.  Some of these datatype fields are NULL, which is good.


      When other non-decimal datatype fields in the CFGRID are updated but the datatype decimal fields are not updated it is not passing NULL to the CFGRIDUPDATE.  It appears that it is passing the following:   ,,,,,,  With no single quotes around each individual variable and even though that would appear to be NULL to me and there were no updates, it causes the error:  Invalid data '' for CFSQLTYPE CF_SQL_DECIMAL. 


      And yes, "Allow NULLS" is checked in the Database.


      Here is an example of the source code after the CFGRID is submitted to the CFGRIDUPDATEs.  You can see that after 'CI' there are a lot of commas and no values because no values were entered but they are not recognized as NULL. 


      [4063,'A053965','13-14     ','','','1341','1341','','Teacher, Pre-K VE','','CI        ',,,,,,,,'',,2]];


      Something to note is that the NULL must be maintained and can not be zero or space.


      I hope this makes sense and thanks for any help!