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    Overlapping Content with Page Break when using expandable text field


      I have 2 subforms side by side, both marked as flowed and contained within a table. The one on the left is top to bottom check boxes and the one on the right contains an expandable text field. Everything flows well and breaks across pages when pushed down by other flowed objects, though when these 2 subforms (table) are already broken across 2 pages from other expandable fields and you enter text into the field (even without it expanding) once the text reaches the bottom of the page it is causing the last checkbox in the left subform to overlap on the top line with the first checkbox on the top of the second page. There seems to be more than enough space at the bottom of the first page as well, I don't know why it is causing this box to move...

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          I have the exact same issue. Could not find a solution. In my case, there are multiple subforms printed one below the other. If an expandable subform overflows into a new page, the last line overlaps with the text of next subform. I have added blank spaces between the subforms but, that does not solve the issue.


          Finally, I have managed to minimize the occurrence of the issue by doing the following. Only turn on the flag "Allow Page breaks within content" for subforms that can really spread over many pages. All other subforms, turn the flag off. This minimizes the possibility of overlapping.