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    Illustrator gradients not resizing in Indesign

    nstocker Level 1

      This has puzzled me for a few years and I have yet to find a solution with a little trying. I have a logo in Illustrator and I copy and paste it to Indesign. In the past I could hold down shift command and resize the logo and everything looked fine.  Now when I try to resize in the same fashion - the gradients in the logos get all wacky and seem to change.  I try shift option - now the masks get all mized up. I have illustrator set to AICB in pref.


      Has anyone run into this. I htink it started with ID5.0 - I am now using CC


      I have noticed that the gradient are not pasting into the Indesign Swatches as well. I can confirm that the gradients are infact cmyk gradients in illustrator and not images.