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    export (copy-paste) text from InDesign table to MS Excel


      Hi, looking for any help/advice available on exporting from a table in InDesign (using CS 5.5) to MS Excel. It's a pretty basic table, about 4 columns x 60 rows, and the cells of the table contain formatted text... so I was just planning to use copy and paste. My issue is that for the cells in InDesign that have multiple paragraphs (and some with bulleted lists), the text comes into Excel with each paragraph or bullet in its own cell, in a new row. So I have to do a lot of copying and pasting in Excel to fix it all. Is there a way to avoid this? I could just suck it up and fix it in Excel but I may have to repeat the process several times for revised versions and I don't want to waste all that time if there's a better way.  Thanks.