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    video over multiple slides


      I am soooo ready to scrap Adobe Connect! But, I digress ...


      I have a 12-minute video from a recorded Adobe Connect meeting. I downloaded it and saved as a flash video.


      In Presenter, I want to show that video as the slides are updated to match the current topic. Probably 20-30 slides.


      I can't find any way to do this, the help is helpless, and whenever I try to contact support, the website keeps looping me back to tell me I should use the online help.


      If I had hair, I would be pulling it out right now.  

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Presenter doesn't support placing a video across multiple slides. (May that help in the frustration of contacting support)


          So, your options are:


          1. Split the video using some video editing software so that each slide can have it's own portion of the video. From your description, this would mean you would have 20-30 videos. Then place each video in the desired slide or on the side bar of the desired slide.
            • This can be difficult to manage because there is no method of syncing video with slide content.
          2. Use Captivate. Captivate has the ability to import PPT slides (or you can recreate them for better control in Captivate) and then you can place a video across multiple slides while controlling where in the video the slides progress.


          It is like Presenter's big brother and when I describe when to use it over Presenter my answer is always, "If you can't do it in Presenter, use Captivate". This is one of those situations. Presenter is a simple tool designed to allow you to make rich but relatively simple presentations in a short time table. It doesn't do many things, and trying to force it into being something it is not can just lead to more headaches than it is worth. My 2c.