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    [01/28/2014] Adobe Access DRM Update on Error Code 3322 Occurances

    Eric.H Adobe Employee

      [ Purpose ]

      Update interested parties in Adobe’s progress on reducing the rate of Adobe Access 3322 (DeviceBindingFailed)


      [ Background ]

      Adobe Access issues licenses that are cryptographically bound to individual client devices.  The cryptographic binding typically relies on certain attributes of the machine’s hardware profile (e.g. CPU properties, sound card properties, etc…).  For the Chrome browser, another approach is used that doesn’t bind licenses to the machine’s actual hardware, due to Chrome's security sandboxhttp://forums.adobe.com/message/5710797#5710797


      Adobe has noticed that Production-level customer deployments of Adobe Access see DRM Error Event 3322 as the highest-occuring error (~.7% total video plays resulting in this error).  This error code is heavily biased towards the Chrome browser (versus IE/Firefox/Safari/etc…)


      [ Latest Update ]

      1. On April 1st, 2014, Adobe released Flash Player 13, which will automatically reset the license store and recover from a 3322 (Device Binding Failure) automatically.  Previously, this was not performed because of the risk of destroying all of a user's licenses if the user was performing some hardware upgrades.  With Auto-Reset-on-3322, instead of deleting the license store from disk, the license store is renamed and archived, while a new license store is created.  The new license store is bound to the new hardware profile.  If the user wants to use the old license store, they will have to replace the changed hardware and rename the old license store to replace the new license store.