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    Find / change fonts from Symbol TTF to Minion Pro - greek symbols are incorrectly replaced




      I'm not quite sure how to approach this problem, so any help or clues would be appreciated.


      Here is some context. I'm using InDesign CS6 on OSX and I'm handling InDesign files provided by various editors with different working methods. In order to convert .indd files to XHTML, we have customised a JavaScript / ExtendScript extension which handles things like non-breaking spaces, typefaces, references and footnotes to prepare them for online publishing.


      One of the files we have received contains mathematical formulae. The original designer of these files also uses InDesign on OSX. When I manually search (i.e. not using the custom extension) the fonts, it does find and identify all of the greek symbols in the document as Symbol (TT) Regular. Usually, if I replace them with the default font, Minion Pro Regular, the corresponding and correct greek symbol is replaced. However, in this particular file, some (but not all) of the symbols are incorrectly replaced with a latin alphabet character, as shown in the llustration below (lowercase delta δ for d). In a few, seemingly random, other cases, the lowercase mu (μ) is replaced by the letter m and the lowercase beta (β) is replaced by the letter b.


      This doesn't happen for all of these characters. In the very same file, on the same line as the character in the illustration, the next δ is correctly replaced with the Minion Pro delta symbol. Why does this happen?


      I don't believe this issue is caused by the extension, because this happens without running the extension on the problematic files. However, I am looking for some sort of workaround I could include in my extension to fix this. If this is something that the original designer of these files really should be handling, I would also like to know exactly what they might be doing wrong.




      Thank you in advance!