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    Adobe Extension Manager CC


      I recieve the below error when I try to install any extensions with the manager.

      Error Snap.png

      • All the extensions I am trying are free. (LevelUp, Adobe Emailer to name a few)
      • I have the latest version of the extension CC app.
      • I have tried turing on/off the allow extension manager to access the internet in preferences.

      I am running a Mac OS 10.9. I was so excited that Iwas finally able to get the exchange panel to work, then this.


      I find the extension manager and extension mangement in general to be very frustrating.

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          lesavage Adobe Employee

          Hi Destry,


          I assume that you are installing the extensions and then prompted that they need to be installed through Extension Manager CC - is that correct?


          Firstly, we would not expect Extension Manager CC to be required for completing this installation process. As a result, can I please ask you to create the following logs and then email them to me at lesavage at adobe dot com



          To set up the Extension Manager logs you need to add the following two files.


          1. Create a file called 'ExManCoreLibLog.YES' and place it in the following location:

          MAC: /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Extension Manager CC/Log/ExManCoreLibLog.YES

          2. Then create a file named 'ExManLog.YES' and place it at:

          MAC: /Applications/Adobe Extension Manager CC/Adobe Extension Manager CC.app/Contents/MacOS/ExManLog.YES


          The logs files for each of these are generated and saved in the following location: MAC: /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Extension Manager CC/Log


          3. Adobe Exchange log file:

          MAC: : /Users/<user>/Library/Preferences/Adobe/Exchange/


          4. Adobe Exchange version number which is available in the following file under attribute ExtensionBundleVersion

          /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEPServiceManager4/extensions/AdobeExchange/CSXS/manifest.xml


          Thanks in advance,