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    Rectangle dilemma


      I have these two rectangles, I need that when I hover over the red it changes its size, becoming larger and overlapping the blue. The same for blue, hover over the blue overlay the red.



      Then created two symbols, bt1 and bt2, blue and red respectively.

      In both added the mouseenter action with the following code:


      sym.$('bt2').css({      'position':'absolute',       'z-index':'99', });


      which works perfectly


      but when I put the following code in the bt2 symbol timeline trigger :



      sym.$('bt2').css({      'position':'absolute',       'z-index':'0', });


      It seems not work.


      (the exact position of the trigger in bt2 symbol timeline)


      Here is the file.


      is possible that codes in css does not work in triggers?