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    Windows 8 photoshop touch app?


      Will there be windows 8 photoshop touch app?

      many tablet pcs running windows 8 are quite small making the icons hard to see in the desktop version.

      It would be great to have full photoshop cc work with touch screen support too, (maybe resizeable icons and custom workspaces would be useful and easy to impliment into the program)

      Thanks for reading! looking forward to a response

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          Not sure if a Windows 8 version is in the works. (It would kind of defeat the purpose considering Photoshop CC can be loaded on a Windows 8 tablet.)


          "Full Photoshop CC" is kind of redundant, since Photoshop CC is the bee knees version of Photoshop.    <jk> with you. I can see where you're coming from as far as icon sizes go because they're small on my 23" monitor. I can imagine what they look like on a 10" tablet or smaller.

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            mattlwilcox Level 1

            Yes warunicorn i suppose your right

            I guess i should have said i want photoshop to have the ability to have a more flexible workspace (icon resizing or customization ect.) as i would need a full functioning photoshop.  Haha


            Adobe please help us tablet users! I dont wanna lose my photoshop