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    InDesign CS5: Better to leave file open or close it on breaks?

    Wilderness08 Level 1

      Is it safe to leave an InDesign book file open throughout an 8-12 hour day? I am updating a 500 page textbook and have to step away from the computer for several minutes to a couple of hours multiple times during the day. I open each chapter I'm working on from the book file and only keep one chapter open at a time. I have been closing the chapter if I'm away for more than 30 minutes and close the book file it its going to be more than 60 minutes. My concern is something could happen to corrupt an open file when away... power surge... computer malfuntion... etc. Someone told me it's tougher on a file to get opened and closed 10 times during the day than it is to leave it open. What is the correct way to safe guard the file under these conditions? Thank you.