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    Problems opening files in Ps from Br


      Dear All,


      I have developed problems today opening jpeg files in Ps CC from Br CC. They just won't open. When I try to open the file in Br, it kept defaulting to Picasa (which I then unstalled) and now to a Windows program. When I use the "Open with" command in BrCC, it does not give me Ps CC as an option.


      If I go to Br, Edit, Preference, File Type Association, next to JPEG it shows Internet Explorer. The drop down menu next to that gives me Illustrator CS6, Indesign CS6 and a few other options but not Ps except Elements. When I try to browse for PsCC, I get an error message.


      The message is "location not available" with a path to a file that I have repeatedly tried to delete. I am stumped. Any help would be appreciated.


      I am using an HP dv7 laptop and just downloaded Bridge CC last week. It was working fine until today.


      PS:  I can open jpeg files in PsCC if I go directly to my files and not through Br.



      Chris (irislake)