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    How can I view free-response text answers in the Summary Report of FormsCentral?


      Can we view full individual free-responses in the Summary Report of FormsCentral?


      One of the only things that keeps me using Survey Monkey occasionally over FormsCentral is that I can't find a way for FormsCentral to show users' free-response answers  in the Summary Report.  Survey Monkey produces all the customizable charts and graphs and also provides a "Show Free Reponses" or "Show all responses" option so you can view/report those details under the question summary, as well as the numbers.  I would prefer to use FormsCentral for everything, so I hope I'm not missing something obvious.  But, if this functionality doesn't exist yet on FormsCentral, this would be a really helpful enhancement in the future.


      Thanks in advance to anyone who can point me to a solution!