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    Error 14 reading a pdf


      After doing a lot of searching most would suggest that the document is corrupted. But I can view this document in say FoxIT reader. So why is that? The source is unknown but it passes thru CutePDF removing pages not needed. By the time it reaches us we use Acrobat to view the document but recieve a document error 14 error.

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          I just got the same error message. Interestingly, the document first opened with an over 4000% view!


          Have you resolved this issue?

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            I got that too! The 4000% zoom. Documents were JUST created with Acrobat X and JDEdwards a few months ago. They open as blank and with the 14 erorr.  I can convert them to Word fairly cleanly with Smart PDF Converter and that brings back ALL the original text.


            I see comments about this as far back as 2007. If this is a "known issue" it would be nice if they would give us a proper fix for us.