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    do not understand xmouse /ymouse property

    dhx10000 Level 1

      I pretty much know that I need to use xmouse to do what I am about to describe but when I use it, nothing happens. I have a movieclip A with a smaller sized movie clip B within it. When my mouse rolls over the top half of movieclip B, I want to move movieclip B down. If the mouse rolls over the bottom half of movie clip B I want it to move up. Movie clip B is roughly 50 x 300 pixels. I am trying to start off really basic so I have animated movie clip B by using motion tweens and labeling the beginning of the tween. So all I need is activate the "moveUp" and "moveDown" tweens, by the position of my mouse relative to movie clip B. Below is my code that is not working. I placed this code within a masked movie clip C that is nothing more than a rectangle that sits on top of movie clip B:

      onClipEvent (onEnterFrame) {
      if (_movieClipB._xmouse > 0) {

      thank you