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    Chapter Headers

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      Ugh this is such a basic question I feel kinda silly asking it, but I'm teaching myself this stuff as I work. The last book I did, I used Master Pages to make Headers and Page Numbers (which sat on the same line), but when I did it, the header wound up sitting inside the text of the book (which had been inserted before the headers), and I fixed it by manually moving the text boxes (of the body text) down a little bit on every single (~300) page to make room for the headers. So now I'm doing another book, and have the same problem, but there's gotta be a better way of making every page's (~700) text drop down to make room for the headers. Please tell me I'm right! Oh, CS3

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          Brainstorming and searching on it makes me think that I can just apply multiple master pages to the pages, one with the header, one with the body's text box dropped down enough to make room for the header, but can't figure out how to apply more than one master to a page. Am I wrong in thinking I can do this?

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            Ellis home Level 4

            Why don't you do it on the master that's already applied to the text?

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              If I understand your question, I need a master spread for each chapter. I tried to make a text box for the header, and then a text box below it for the body text in Master spread B, and applied it to the first chapter, but it didn't drop the body text down below the header. I was convinced this would work, but it didn't and I have no idea why not...

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                Ellis home Level 4

                Why don't you tell us how did you prepare your book so we can assist you better. Do you have already several master pages? Are you using paragraph styles?

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                  left bank books Level 1

                  I first pasted in the text, without doing anything to the masters at all. Then today I decided to insert the headers/page numbers. I have 2 masters, Master A being blank, Master B having the title of the book on the left page, title of the first chapter being on the right page. There are 21 chapters. Hmmm, not sure what other information would be helpful?


                  Even more confusing now, is that I just applied the blank Master A to all pages, but the title of the first chapter is still showing up on the first page (and only the first page) of the first chapter, even though Master B was never applied to that page, only to the pages of the first chapter following the first page of the chapter.

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                    Ellis home Level 4

                    My advise to you is to learn the basics of Indesign. One book that is recommended around here is Indesign Visual Quick Start Guide by Sandee Cohen. That will give you a good understanding of how to take advantage of the many tools Indesign has to prepare a book and more. There is also lynda.com that has many tutorials online.

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                      I am totally learning the basics of Indesign. I have a huge "how to" book. I'm fully aware that using google to learn how to do things is an option. Unfortunately, it's not always possible to ask questions of books or tutorials when something isn't immediately understandable, which is where I turn to humans, such as those that use this forum. But thanks for the advice.

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                        HeyMikey Level 3

                        Hi Left Bank,


                        I would START my document on the Master Page, so that all headers, etc. automatically appear when I go to the pages that use said Master. That way, I've found there's little room for error if you decide to go back and tweak the Master a little (i.e., move the location of the header, etc.) to have it appear in that location on the corresponding document pages. Hope this helps.