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    Interactive PDFs Show/Hide function not working in ipad Adobe Reader App


      I am creating an interactive PDF in indesign but having issues once exported to PDF.


      I have buttons set up that reveal a hiden object on click using the Show/Hide an object on the on click trigger (eg. click on an image and a recipe appears)

      This works on the preview and on the exported PDF but when this PDF is viewed on iphone/ipad these reaveals do not work/ do not appear at all.


      Further to this the buttons appear to change their layer order so things are appear in front or behind when they should not be. I understand that buttons are meant to layer in the order they are created but they are currently changing when they are being clicked


      I am viewing in the Adobe Reader App and other buttons are working correctly, it is only these pop up sections that are not working.



      Any help would be much appreciated