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    How do I create a save button to hide a dropdown and pass on the dropdown data to a label?


      Hi InDesign Scripting Experts!


      I'm desparetly looking for some help to get this issue resolved.


      Essentially I've a lot of PDF forms that've been designed by using InDesign CS4 and then converted to an interactive PDF via Adobe Lifecycle. The final 2 page PDF form has multiple textfields, a drop down and a save button. The users partially fill-in the form, select their name from the dropdown and then hit the save button prior to sending the PDF form to the client.


      The Save button does the following:


      - Passes on the data from the drop down to a label

      - Hides the drop down and

      - finally, hides itself ('Save' button)


      I understand InDesign CC has a lot of the Livecycle capability built-it. Hence I'm trying to design the inteactive PDF within InDesign CC. The textfields, dropdown etc. are easily done. The part that I'm stuck on is to get the 'Save' button to perform the above listed tasks.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.