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    Adobe premiere Elements 12 will not open editor


      I had Adobe Premiere Elements 11 on my laptop and worked fine. Decided to upgrade to Elements 12 and did but version 12 will not open editor, says sign in, I sign in but no editor. Organizer opens and loaded my Photos and videos. I purchased full retail version for download. My laptop runs windows 8.1 and has an Intel Core i5 dual core processor and 4GB ram.

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          Sandeep Singh Adobe Employee

          Hi actll,


          Thanks for posting on Adobe forums,


          Please try to launch Premiere Elements from

          C:\Program files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 12\Adobe Premiere Elements.exe




          Please provide following information also :


          What is the OS and version ?

          What is the Graphics Card installed on the system ?




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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Have you gone to Computer/Manager/Event Viewer/Windows Logs/Applications and looked for error entries that appear to be associated with this problem?


            Did you purchase Photoshop Elements 12 as well as Premiere Elements 12, and does Photoshop Elements 12 Full Editor open whereas Premiere Elements 12 will not open to its Expert or Quick workspaces?


            You have probably tried it, but can you open to the Premiere Elements workspaces from the Elements Organizer workspace?


            More later.