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    Advice needed on purchasing new equipment


      I appologize in advance if someone in a simlar situation as me has asked this before, but a quick search of the forums didn't turn up any answers for me.


      I'm in the proccess of puting together a proposal for our church to purchase new equipment for our staff. My hope is that we will be running Creative Cloud on four machines. One machine will basically be doning just InDesign, Illustrator, and maybe a little Photoshop and some of the other tools here and there. The other three will also be using Premere and After Effects frequently.


      This is my first equipment proposal, and, as I said, we're a church so our budget is limited. I'm hoping to spend no more than $1,000 dollars for each machine (including monitors, and probably no more than $750 for the one doing less intensive work).


      My questions are:


      1. Is this possible?
      2. What computers should I be looking at?
      3. For the computers doing video editing, do I really need a separate graphics card or can I get away with using the newer integrated graphics?


      Thanks in advance to anyone who has any imput to offer.