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    Deleting large objects


      Hi All,

           Hey I was wondering what the best method is for removing large objects from a background image and have the void filled with the surrounding colors and textures?


      I have a photo with an old CRT TV hanging from the ceiling that I'd like to delete.


      Thanks for your help and experience.

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Quite often selecting the object, expanding the selection to leave a little space around it, then doing Edit - Fill - Content Aware can be very effective.



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            Treeline Level 1

            Hi Noel,

                            Thanks for the reply. That tip is interesting and I’ll bet would work well with an even colored background. Here’s the rub when I tried it with my photo. I have an old CRT TV that hangs in the ceiling in the corner of a conference room. The TV has been removed and I’d like to update the photo, but because it’s near a corner, there are shadows and shading that causes a very uneven fill.  (getting into and setting up the room for a new photo is always a challenge so I thought I’d try Photoshop magic first).

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Can you post that image or a part of it here?  Perhaps someone will be able to suggest somewhat more manual means to retouch the monitor out of there.