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    External storage, backup, and organization

    brad.magnus Level 1

      Over the last couple years, as my projects grew in file size, I just bought larger external drives. But now I'm filling 1tb drives (1 main, 1 redundant).


      I guess I'm really just at a loss for the best ways to organize projects and clients so that when I fill these drives (mostly full now) I can retire them and start filling another drive. And also how I'm going to stay organized, knowing who's files are where, as I have to add another 2 HDD to keep redundant. Or really any suggestions on how you achive your projects so you're protected incase of the client coming back for another version of the project, and reduced file size.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Where I work, we have a networked drive where we archive old projects and a locally connected drive array where we do the same. When project gets quite old, a copy gets moved to both locations, it's checked in both spots, and then the project gets deleted off of the production machines/drives. When a drive in the locally connected array gets full, it gets pulled and moved to secure storage.