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    Free filter or/ plug-in set? for "OIL PAINT" - to download & add to Photoshop CS 5 (Mac OSX 10.8) ?

    mdgiamo Level 1

      I have the CS 5 Suite instaled on 2 of my Macs (per Adobe licensing).  I upgraded (aftwrward, in 2012) just the Photoshop CS 5 app to Photoshop CS 6. There is a GREAT filter [then new] with PS CS 6 called "Oil Paint". I hope to be able to find out from anyone if there a free and compatible: filter, filter set,  or plug-in(s) set, so I can add the filter "OIL PAINT" - to download & add to Photoshop CS 5 (Mac OSX 10.8) ?


      Many thanks.





      PS - I downloaded Pixel Bender - but that does not seem to provide what I am looking for..! In fact - after I installed it - it is NOT embedded in Photoshop CS 5, contrary to Adobe's claim that once you install it - it will be there in CS 5. Pixel Bender opens separately; and looks to be [only] a-user-definable add-on for PS CS 5+  [and done via custom user progamming changes - which on first glance did NOT seem easy to figure out. And I AM a programmer, beside being a highly creative person (for decades), and with all forms of digital media).